Fundraising Ideas for Youth Sports Teams

Putting the FUN in Fundraiser: 10 Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is essential to youth sports, and it's not just about dollars and cents. Youth sports fundraisers are a chance for kids to learn valuable life skills, teamwork, and the art of giving back to their community.

However, organizing the same old fundraisers can become a bit… stale. Breathe new life into your youth sports fundraising efforts with this list of exciting, low-effort ideas that the whole team can rally behind.

How to Raise Money for Youth Sports

1. Fundraise During Registration

Let's be honest: getting people excited about a fundraiser can be tough, especially if it isn't all that convenient. So, why wait until the season starts to kick off your fundraising efforts? Start right at the beginning by including fundraising in the registration process. Include a question in the form like the one below.

"Would you like to donate to the [Insert league name here]? Donations help support our players with new equipment, travel costs, and so much more! Any support you provide during this time will help our team continue to operate throughout the season. We appreciate you!"

Setting up an option for online donations during registration is quick, easy, and hassle-free, making it a great way to boost your fundraising efforts.

2. Host a Restaurant Fundraiser

Want to combine delicious food with community support? Organizing a restaurant fundraiser requires minimal effort and is a simple way to introduce extra cash flow into your league.

Kick things off with Burrachos' Raise 25 group fundraising. This event allows your league to receive a percentage of the proceeds from customers who show support during the event. Here's how it works:


  • Contact your local Burrachos location to schedule a Raise 25 event.
  • Promote the event within your community and among team supporters.
  • Encourage everyone to enjoy a tasty Burrachos meal during the designated time.
  • Burrachos will contribute 25% of the sales from the event to your youth sports league.
  • It's a win-win-win — organizing this type of fundraiser requires very little lift, supporters enjoy delicious Tex-Mex cuisine, and your team benefits from an easy, mouthwatering way to raise funds.

3. Set Up an Online Fundraiser Campaign

Launch an exciting online fundraising campaign using platforms like GoFundMe, Kickstarter, or even set up your very own team website. Paint a vivid picture of your team's aspirations, the heartfelt reasons behind your fundraising efforts, and how every dime will be put to use.

Then, spread the word by sharing the campaign link through email, social media, and your team's network. You'll also want to rally your supporters to be your megaphones, encouraging them to pass the campaign baton to their own connections, creating a ripple of generosity.

Keep the excitement alive by providing frequent updates on your campaign's progress, extending warm thanks to your donors, and sharing tales of success along the way.

4. Organize a Movie Night

Host a movie night at your local community center or school. You could even transform your local park or sports field into an outdoor cinema. Just be sure to do the following:


  • Charge an admission fee.
  • Offer concessions such as popcorn, candy, and drinks to further boost your funds.
  • Choose a popular, family-friendly film.
  • Create a memorable evening for everyone.

5. Organize a Sports Equipment Swap

A sports equipment swap is a creative way to raise funds and promote sustainability. Encourage parents and community members to donate gently used sports gear they no longer need. Then, organize an event where they can be sold at a fraction of the original cost. This not only raises funds but also helps make sports more affordable for families in your community.

A successful youth league gathers to cheer on their team with a chant

6. Get Bagging at the Grocery Store

Contact local grocery stores and ask permission to have your youth sports team bag groceries for customers during specific hours or days. If they agree, don your team's uniforms, ask shoppers for donations or tips in return for the bagging service, and explain how the funds raised will benefit your team. Coordinate shifts with your players and parents, and ensure everyone knows their schedule. A well-organized effort can raise significant funds with minimal effort.

7. Host a Field Day

Hosting a field day within your local community is one of those fundraising ideas for youth sports teams that never gets old.

Host your event in a spacious location that can accommodate your activities, such as a park, school field, or stadium. Assemble a group of volunteers to assist in organizing, setting up, and cleaning up after the event. Then, organize various activities and games that engage people of all ages. From tug-of-war, jump rope competitions, and sack races to obstacle courses and bean bag tosses, the options for fun, engagement, and fundraising are endless.

To take things up a notch, include a Mini-Olympics event or fun run. Participants can compete in various games and sports-related challenges, with registration fees contributing to your fundraising goals.

8. Organize a Car Wash

Hosting a car wash is a classic and fun way to raise money for your youth sports team. Start by gathering your players, parents, and volunteers. Then, set up a car wash station at a local parking lot or visible location, and create entertaining signs to encourage passersby to stop by.

Finally, charge a reasonable fee for each car wash, and watch the funds roll in. To add an extra element of fun, consider organizing a "Splash the Coach" segment, where donors can pay extra to soak the coaches or players with water guns.

9. Go Classic with a Bake Sale

Who can resist the aroma of freshly baked goodies? Host a bake sale with a variety of delicious treats like cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and more. Encourage your players and their families to contribute their best baked goods, and set up a booth at a local event or outside a busy store. As everyone gets into the spirit, watch the treats disappear while the funds accumulate.

10. Sponsor an Athlete

In youth sports, there are a lot of costs that people might not know about. It's not just the gear; there are other expenses like travel costs, league insurance, referee payments, and renting places to play. When people see these costs laid out in front of them, it's easier to understand the impact of donating to the league.

To provide more visibility into what it takes to keep a league running, create a "Sponsor an Athlete" campaign. With this fundraiser option, people or businesses can pay for a player for the season. First, add up all the costs for one player in a simple chart. Include considerations like equipment and travel fees. Then, highlight the average cost for one player for a year to show why helping with fundraisers is important.

When you start the program, aim high and try to get sponsors for at least half of your players. And note that the money doesn't have to go to just one individual; it can help with the costs of the full team.

Youth Sports Supported by Burrachos

Youth sports fundraising is an essential part of keeping your league running smoothly, but it doesn't have to be a repetitive, boring process. By opting into a restaurant fundraiser like Burrachos' Raise 25, as well as trying a new approach with unique and fun fundraising ideas, you can make the experience enjoyable for everyone involved.

When you need a great fundraiser in the Eau Claire, Onalaska, or Sun Prairie areas, look no further than Burrachos! Our Raise 25 restaurant fundraiser is the perfect way to raise the money your youth league needs. Learn more about Raise 25 and book your event today!