Restaurant Fundraisers and How They Work

Feasting for a Cause: Restaurant Fundraisers and How They Work

Food has a unique way of bringing people together. Pair it with a good cause, and the potential to create positive change is almost endless! When your organization is looking for a creative way to raise money, what better way to bring people together than with a restaurant fundraiser? Restaurant fundraisers combine the joy of a delicious meal at a local business with the satisfaction of supporting a mission.

But how do restaurant fundraisers work? And even more importantly, how do you plan one? We’ll dish out the not-so-secret recipe for finding a restaurant to partner with, the steps for success, how to ensure a great turnout, and more. Let’s dive in!

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How Do Restaurant Fundraisers Work?

Restaurant fundraisers are events where an organization collaborates with a local establishment that agrees to donate a portion of its profits on a particular day. Some organizations may also get pledges from other businesses to match their donations.

Restaurant fundraisers can be a lucrative way to raise money for your organization without the significant upfront costs and planning associated with hosting an event. Plus, your group gets to support a local business simultaneously. Working with a small business can help establish a long-term relationship for future events and partnerships.

How to Set Up a Fundraiser with a Restaurant

If you decide that a restaurant fundraiser is a good fit for your organization, these steps will help you plan your event in collaboration with a local restaurant.

1. Write out your fundraising goals and needs

Before you contact restaurants that host fundraisers, you need to define your fundraiser's purpose and goals clearly. Answer these questions: What are you specifically raising money for (examples include new uniforms for your team, a church mission trip, or your non-profit’s annual donation drive)? What’s your monetary goal? What’s your timeline?

2. Find a restaurant partner

Narrow down a list of local restaurants that do fundraisers. Look for restaurants that may share your organization’s values or connect with your mission.

3. Reach out to your list of restaurants

Once you have a list of restaurants that might be a good fit for your organization’s fundraiser, it’s time to reach out. Some restaurants may have an event request form on their website. Others may need a call with the general manager or event coordinator.

Questions to ask your potential restaurant partners include:

● What percentage of profits does your group get?
● What dates and times would work best for them?
● Are there any limitations to which purchases go towards the donation?
● Will they post online or advertise it at all?

How to Plan Your Restaurant Fundraiser

After you’ve spoken to a few restaurants and decided which one will host your event, you can start planning the specifics. Work closely with your contact at the restaurant to ensure you’re on the same page and have everything they need to host your event.

Mexican food wedding catering of taco bar buffet provided by Burrachos Fresh Mexican Grill

Choose a date

What date and time will your event take place? Make sure it doesn’t conflict with other events at the restaurant, a holiday that might discourage people from attending, or a conflicting local event.

Provide the restaurant with information or supplies they need

If the restaurant agrees to do any advertising or posting for your event, give them any information they may need to represent your cause correctly.

Promote your event

Your organization also needs to advertise the event. Consider making fliers to post around town or send home with students or church members. Share information with your group members via word of mouth, create an event on social media, and advertise it in your organization’s email newsletter.

Successful restaurant fundraisers require effective promotion and participation from your group and its closest supporters. The more people come to your event, the more funds you can raise!

Contact potential matching donors

If you plan to find donors who will pledge to match the restaurant’s donation, now’s the time to reach out to them. Team sponsors are a great place to start if you’re working with a sports team booster club. Other options could include local banks, doctor's offices, and businesses with headquarters in your area.

Utilize your organization member’s connections for potential matching donors. Even if you don’t get matching donations, local businesses and supporters may be willing to share your event on their social media.

Eat, raise money, and connect with your community

Now that you’ve planned it all, it’s fundraiser time! Bring as many friends and family members as you can. Enjoy your meal, and be sure to share your organization's mission with your friends and family. And don’t forget to take plenty of pictures to share with your organization! After the event, the restaurant will calculate the total sales generated during the fundraiser and the corresponding donation amount. You'll receive a check or donation from the restaurant.

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