Burrachos Fundraising Nights

Raising Money Made Delicious

If you need fundraising ideas for schools, non-profits, youth groups, or even marching bands, look no further than your local Burrachos! We call it Raise 25, and it's the easiest way to enjoy your Mexican favorites and make some cash for your group all at once.

Raise 25 How Does Burrachos Fundraising Work?

Once you've scheduled your event time and date, spread the word! Tell friends and family to visit Burrachos and let a team member know they're attending for your group's fundraiser when they get to the register. Your organization will receive 25% of the proceeds from customers who come to support you during your specified time frame.

But why stop there? If your group accounts for 50 or more entrees, you'll get 25% of the proceeds from the entire night! Of all the fundraising ideas for youth groups, schools, or organizations, this one might be the easiest… and most delicious!

Fundraising Ideas for Non-Profits and Organizations: Setting Up a Successful Event

Schedule your event

You'll work with the general manager of your nearest Burrachos location to determine a date and time for your fundraising event. Events are usually held on Wednesdays, but you can request another day of the week, if necessary. Request your preferred date, time, and location using the form at the bottom of this page, and we'll be in touch to confirm as soon as possible.

Spread the word

Even the best fundraising ideas for small groups and organizations need one very important element: people! And with Burrachos fundraising events, more people = more money for your group! Post on social media, hand out flyers or send out emails to your group members to ensure a well-attended event. Encourage everyone to bring friends! The more the merrier (and that applies to people AND burritos, in our opinion).

Attend your event or place an online order

Want to support your organization? Just come to Burrachos during your event and enjoy a delicious, fresh Mexican meal! It really is that easy. You and other attendees simply need to mention that you're there for a fundraising night when checking out at the restaurant (or note this in the comment section before checking out online).

Please note, orders placed via 3rd party delivery services will not contribute to fundraising night proceeds. Use the button below to order directly and make sure your meal counts!

Receive a percentage of proceeds

You did it! You raised money for your group the easy way. Enjoying burritos, nachos, and tacos while helping out the greater good? It doesn't get much better!

Fundraising Testimonials

Ready to Raise 25

Fill out the form below for your chosen location, then wait for that location's general manager to get in touch with you. They'll confirm your event, and then you can start spreading the word!

Ready to Raise 25?

Fill out the form below for your specific location. Wait for our general manager to reach out to confirm the event. Lastly, spread the word!

Contact Name
If you want to have your fundraiser on another date other than Wednesday, please contact your local store for more details. *Please note your selected date and time are not guaranteed.


Given Back Last Month

At Burrachos™, we care about our communities. That’s why we’re happy to help community organizations by hosting percent-of-sales events at your local Burrachos™ !