No Hangry Guests! 10 Late-Night Wedding Food Ideas

No Hangry Guests! 10 Late-Night Wedding Food Ideas

Weddings are a special day for you and your loved ones, so you want the celebration to last as long as possible. The party can continue far into the night and well past dinner, leaving guests hungry from all the partying and dancing.

You don’t want them leaving early to hit the closest drive-thru or having hangry attitudes that put a damper on the evening. Keep your guests happy, full, and partying for hours with these 10 best late-night wedding food ideas.

Catering for a wedding of Mexican food taco bar buffet provided by Burrachos Fresh Mexican Grill

1. Pizza

Remember in college when you would stop by the local pizzeria for a slice on your way home from a night on the town? Bring that feeling of nostalgia to your wedding with pizza by the slice.

You can serve up as many or as few options as you want. Keep it classic with cheese and pepperoni pizzas, or go all out with supremes and buffalo chicken. Margherita is a great choice if you want something a little classier.

2. Sliders

After hours spent shaking your tail feather on the dancefloor, few things taste better than a juicy, savory burger. But an entire burger can be a huge commitment, and you risk pickle and ketchup stains. An easy-to-eat slider is the perfect quick bite between your guests' favorite dance songs.

3. Ice Cream

Got a sweet tooth? Offer dessert as your wedding’s late-night snack. An ice cream bar can give you and your guests a cool break from dancing. Offer easy-to-grab ice cream sandwiches, classic waffle cones, or get a little crazy with a build-your-own sundae bar featuring all the best ice cream toppings.

4. Corn Dogs

Hot dogs can be a satisfying late-night treat, but you have to worry about relish, ketchup, and mustard gushing out from the bun. A corn dog is basically the same thing, but the handy little stick helps keep things clean — no ketchupy fingers around here!

5. Popcorn

Crunchy, buttery, salty. Who doesn’t love popcorn? A popcorn bar can allow guests to quickly grab a few handfuls of a savory or sweet treat when they start feeling peckish. Think of those giant popcorn tins they sell around the holidays but in wedding format. Make a spread of butter, white cheddar, kettle corn, and whatever other popcorn flavors you love.

Mexican food wedding catering of taco bar buffet provided by Burrachos Fresh Mexican Grill

6. Tacos

If you’ve ever hit up a taco truck on a night out, you know it can be the perfect snack to keep you going for a few more hours. Tacos are excellent for your wedding dinner catering and fabulous for late-night snacking. Set out pre-filled tacos that guests can quickly grab, or put together a taco bar for ultimate customization.

7. Donuts

Donuts don’t have to be just for breakfast. Warm, soft, and sugary, they could be just what your guests need for that second dancing wind.

Sugared, iced, cake, raised, glazed, filled, round bar — put out whatever options you think your guests will love. You can even skip the regular donuts and offer donut holes as a bite-sized pick-me-up! Consider pairing your donuts with a warm drink like hot chocolate or coffee for a little something extra.

8. Hand Pies

Hand pies are the perfect snack size for your wedding. Guests can quickly grab them and chow down when they decide to take a break, or they can take them as a road snack on their way out the door. You can offer sweet, savory, or both to keep all your guests happy.

9. Soft Pretzels

Theme parks, sporting events, and malls all know the beauty of a warm, pillowy soft pretzel. Serve this delicious snack at your wedding with dipping sauces like queso, beer cheese, or honey mustard. You can even do cinnamon sugar pretzels with icing for something sweet. Your guests can easily hold and snack on a warm pretzel while busting out their best dance moves.

10. Nacho Bar

When it comes to late-night food for weddings, you can’t go wrong with a nacho bar. Crunchy chips, melty cheese, savory meat, and cool guac and salsa all come together to form a tasty, energizing snack. You can go as simple or complicated as you like. Whether you choose just chips and queso or go all in with a plethora of toppings, you can feel confident that your guests won’t go hungry.

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