Graduation Fiesta: 6 Grad Party Catering Ideas

Graduation Fiest 6 Grad Party Catering Ideas

High school and college graduations are significant accomplishments that deserve recognition and celebration. But hosting and planning a graduation party can be a lot of work! That’s why we’ve put together this list of the six best graduation party food ideas – so you can honor your recent graduate with a memorable celebration while still sticking to your budget.

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1. Throw a Taco Fiesta

Everybody loves Taco Tuesday, right? Well, why not make your graduate’s party just as fun, regardless of the day of the week? Having a catered taco party for a graduation party can instantly make the event fun and exciting for everyone attending.

Since graduation parties tend to be a family affair, remember that you may be feeding a wide range of ages and needs: picky young children, teenagers who can eat their weight in their favorite foods, and adults who may have allergies or dietary restrictions. Taco bars can be an excellent solution because each attendee can customize their meal, keeping everyone happy.

2. Wrap Up That Diploma With a Burrito Bash

If you thought tacos were a great option, try upping the size and wrapping it in a tortilla! Burritos are an excellent choice for a graduation party. When you have a catered burrito bar at your party – like those available from Burrachos – you get all of the customization of a taco bar, but in a bigger version!

Build-your-own bars are interactive and fun, allowing you to step back and enjoy the party instead of worrying about prepping, setting up, and serving the food. There aren’t many opportunities for party hosts to sit down and enjoy the meal just as much as the rest of the guests, but having a catered burrito bar is one of those situations!

3. Pile on the Fun With Nachos

Why does everyone love nachos? For starters, because they’re endlessly customizable. No two plates of nachos are the same! Having a catered nacho bar at your graduation party is also convenient for you as a host since you don’t have to make anything yourself.

A nacho bar will make a lasting impression on guests of all ages. Kids will love the hands-on, make-your-own side, while adults will love the creativity and the chance to indulge in a meal they may not get to enjoy that often. While they may seem simple, nachos make for a laid-back, fun food experience that all of your guests will remember.

4. Celebrate a Slice of Life With a Pizza Party

Pizza is a classic for a reason. Even the worst pizza is still pretty great! Pizza can be a standard go-to for your party. While the typical delivery pizza might not make a lasting impression on your guests, it’s still satisfying and often cost-effective for you. Plus, it offers easy setup and cleanup: serve pizza straight from the box with plates, and you’re ready! Guests can grab a slice (or three) and sit down to eat.

Pizza is also easy to eat on the go and can be enjoyed without interrupting other planned party activities, including games or swimming. While it can be trickier to get a variety of pizzas that satisfy all dietary needs and tastes, ordering plenty for everyone at the party is a breeze.

Mexican food wedding catering of taco bar buffet provided by Burrachos Fresh Mexican Grill

5. Grill Up a Great Graduation Party with Burgers

American staple and can be a solid failsafe if you’re unsure of what else to make. Burgers are easy to set up with a table of condiments (lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, mayo, mustard, and ketchup are the must-haves) for customization. Just add a few bags of chips to complete the meal.

Burgers offer the simplicity of a known, popular food item. If you choose the burger route, though, keep in mind that you’ll spend most of the party behind the grill – and the larger the party, the more time you’ll cook. Don’t forget to include veggie burgers and gluten-free options to ensure everyone gets in on the fun.

6. Have a Sublime Celebration with Sandwiches

Nothing will make your mouth water like the sight of a giant sub sandwich on a table, just waiting for you to grab a piece and take a bite. Sandwiches might seem like a simple, everyday meal, but they can be a serious crowd-pleaser for events like grad parties. Set-up and cleanup are simple with this type of graduation party catering, but keep in mind that you’ll likely be more limited with options to meet dietary restrictions and various tastes. Include a side such as chips or sweets to make it a meal!

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