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What's cool, creamy, and creates the perfect balance for a flavorful burrito? Burrachos guacamole, of course!

Rock It with Guac

Chips and guac. Guac and chips. They're a match made in heaven! Our house-made guacamole comes from only the freshest avocados to give you the best possible flavor. Enjoy the creamy goodness with a side of crispy tortilla chips, or make your burrito bowl or tacos extra filling with a dollop of guac right on top. We're certainly not here to tell you what to do (after all, we make things your way around here!), but we're pretty sure you won't regret adding our guacamole to your meal! Stop by your local Burrachos today and savor this classic Mexican side dish for yourself.

Tuesdays at Burrachos earn you double the loyalty rewards points, even on tacos!

Double Points Double the Delicious

Tuesdays at Burrachos


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