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Burrachos Burrito Bowls: Because Flavor This Big Can't Be Contained!

Sometimes you just have to think outside the box—or, you know, the tortilla. With burrito bowls from Burrachos, you can enjoy fresh fillings and delicious sauces… the freestyle way! Choose the petite (but oh-so-flavorful) El Niño, or Build Your Own Burrito Bowl for a custom meal made fresh right in front of you. Add chips and queso on top for a perfectly crunchy twist, or dive right in with a good old-fashioned fork. Plus, you don't have to worry about an overstuffed tortilla making a mess on your plate (or worse, in your lap!). There's room for all your favorites in our burrito bowls, and that's what we'd call a "neato burrito!"

Tuesdays at Burrachos earn you double the loyalty rewards points, even on tacos!

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Tuesdays at Burrachos


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