Here’s how it works

Schedule Event

You’ll work with the general manager of your local Burrachos to choose a date and time for your event.

Spread the Word

Send e-mails, hand out flyers, etc. Let everyone know that they can support your organization just by eating at Burrachos!

Attend Event or Place an Online Order

Come eat at Burrachos during your event to support your organization! You can even order online in advance and schedule your pick-up - just mention the organization you are supporting in the comment section before check-out.

"We're sorry, orders placed on third party delivery sites such as Eat Street and Grub Hub will not contribute to fundraising goals"

Receive Percentage

Receive a percentage of the sales during the specified time of your event.


Given Back Last Month

At Burrachos™, we care about our communities. That’s why we’re happy to help community organizations by hosting percent-of-sales events at your local Burrachos™ !